7 Ways to Increase Endurance

In the modern era like now, disease outbreaks are not just one or two types but many. Whether it’s heart disease, cancer, kidney or complications. The disease will usually undermine a person’s immune system, before eventually becoming a serious disease that can lead to death.

Diseases associated with endurance are usually suffered by children. Naturally, because the immunity of children is still not stable. Sangkin is not yet stable, uncertain weather conditions can make children fall ill. But the weakening of the immune system not only affects children, but also adults who are often exhausted from work.

A lot of resting and drinking water are two of the easiest ways to increase endurance. Someone who has a strong immune system is usually more difficult to get sick because the immune system in his body is already high, so the disease is reluctant to undermine the body of that person. Let alone enter the body, just dropping into the skin does not dare because the immune has already eaten the seeds of bacteria that want to enter earlier.

Ways to Increase Endurance

Increasing endurance can be done in the simplest ways without spending a lot of money like the following method.

Get enough sleep

Believe it or not, a body that is too tired will automatically reduce the body’s resistance. If forced it can bring various types of diseases, for example fever and dizziness. After doing all day activities, it would be nice if Mas and Mbak Bro take a break to restore the energy that has been lost. Sleep at least 7-8 hours every day. With enough sleep, the hormones in the body will work well so that the disease does not enter your body.

Eat Balanced Nutritious Foods

This disease and that can arise because of the food you consume every day. Avoid various fried foods because fried foods contain bad eats that are not good for the body. In addition to triggering cholesterol, fatty foods can also cause obesity and high blood pressure, so it is not recommended if consumed in large quantities.

Replace fatty foods with healthier and more nutritious foods, such as vegetables, fruits, nuts (in normal amounts), and whole grains. In addition to healthy, nutritious food is also effective to increase endurance, so that your immune system is stronger.

Maintain Food Cleanliness

Things that are around, whether it’s doors, glasses, plates or cellphones, all contain bacteria or germs. If the germ enters the body, the immune system is automatic and brings many diseases. Before touching food and putting it in your mouth, it would be nice if you wash your hands first. Keep the food and drinks clean so that the vitamins in the food really become vitamins, not even germs. If you need to take antiseptics wherever you go, so every time you want to eat you can apply antiseptics first so that the hands are more sterile.

Exercise Regularly

Have you been exercising today? Exercising can actually increase the body’s resistance and improve hormone function, so that the body’s organs can work more optimally. Exercise is also good for burning bad fats in the body to avoid cholesterol.

Recreation to Calm the Mind

Life is not only to work and make money because our bodies need to be blessed by recreation. Take advantage of holidays or vacation rations to go traveling to where you want. Recreation is not only good for physical health, but also good for spiritual health. Because thoughts, feelings, and mood will improve slowly after traveling.

Drinking enough water

Balance the nutritional intake of food by drinking enough water because water is very good for breaking down leftovers, so that the metabolism in the body becomes smoother. In addition, water is also good for dissolving poisons in the body. As a result the body becomes healthier, strong immune system and certainly avoiding various types of diseases. Take at least 8 glasses of water every day to fill your body’s water intake.

Herbal medicine

As an alternative, you can take herbal medicine as an endurance enhancer. This herbal medicine can be obtained at pharmacies and consumed according to the dosage needed by the body. Both men and women, both of which require different doses. For example, for vitamin C alone, the dose of vitamin C needed by men is 90 mg, the dose of Vitamin C needed by women is 75 mg every day. If you don’t like vitamin C which is processed in the form of capsules or multivitamin drugs, you can get vitamin C from fruits, such as oranges.

If you crave a healthy body, change your lifestyle to a better direction. Increase your consumption of nutritious foods, exercise regularly, and sleep enough so that your immune system is maintained, so that you can be more productive every day.