Anti Stretch Marks Cream

Every woman is self conscious about how they look. So when they get pregnant or suddenly start putting on weight they tend to worry about how they’re going to look and most importantly how many stretch marks they will develop. So they immediately go into defense mode and start looking for an anti stretch mark cream. If they haven’t ever inquired about these products they become overwhelmed with all the choices out there today. There are so many choices they will have trouble picking the right one for them.

How one wants to go about picking the right anti stretch cream is by choosing ones with certain ingredients in them. These ingredients will include vitamins A or E, cocoa butter, and elastin. Also you want to pick one that isn’t too greasy so it doesn’t stain your clothes .

You’ll want to ensure the anti stretch mark cream is really absorbent so your skin really takes in the nutrients and thus your stretch marks will start to fade. The best ones to use that absorb easy in your skin are all natural creams like Revitol. Natural creams are better to use than the chemical laden alternatives because they absorb better into the skin.

Using an anti stretch mark cream paired with drinking lots of water everyday followed by exercising regularly you should be able to reduce your stretch marks and prevent new ones from forming. 
When you decide what one to use make sure the stretch mark cream comes with a money back guarantee. There are so many companies out there selling these prevention creams and some wont work. So by picking one that offers a refund can give you a peace of mind. Make sure it is also a prevention cream and not just a removal cream. Remember the best way to get rid of stretch marks is to prevent them!

How an Anti Stretch Mark Cream Works

Before you buy an anti stretch mark cream, let’s look at how this particular cream actually works. Stretch marks are small tears in the skin that develop with the skin is distended excessively. All the pulling and tearing breaks down collagen and elastin fibers, and this results in scarring.

Generally, an anti stretch mark cream works by penetrating through the epidermis, or topmost layer of the skin, down into the dermis, or the second layer of the skin. Here, the components of the cream start reconstructing the negatively affected areas of the skin. Some creams will work only on the outside, and thus may not return desired results.

Stretch mark creams are designed to minimize redness, whiteness and other marks that are typical of stretch marks. They work by literally building up broken skin tissue and improving it’s strength and health. Some creams work by shrinking fat cells for a tightening effect. Others work by leaving a protective layer on the skin with ingredients like squalene oil, so that the skin stays well-hydrated and supple while accompanying ingredients like vitamin E contribute to the healing process. Anti stretch mark creams contain ingredients that have specific functions but work together to effectively minimize stretch marks.

People decide to use an anti stretch mark cream rather than other methods because they are both a skin repairer and moisturizer. Creams provide an immediate soothing and shielding effect. Natural creams are especially renowned because the ingredients are easily absorbed and very safe to apply. Key ingredients include grapeseed extract and vitamins A, E and B.