Health Benefit of Green Tea

Green tea is a drink that consists of tea leaves from the plantation that pass through the drying process and then brewed with hot water. This tea is very well-known among Japanese people, where they are more familiar with “ocha tea”, of course you often hear it on TV or radio. Green tea is now increasingly popular with many people, instead it is varied to the present variety of foods and drinks. In addition, the benefits of green tea have been felt by many people to overcome various diseases in the body. If you are not currently consuming green tea in your daily life, then start now to consume it for your health. Here are some benefits that you will get when you routinely consume green tea in your daily life.

Lose weight

The first benefit of green tea is to increase metabolic processes naturally in the body so that the performance of fat burning, especially in the arms, thighs, especially the stomach is more maximal. Routinely drinking green tea on a regular basis can burn up to 70 calories in 1 day, especially if combined with exercise there will be more calories burned. So if it is not accompanied by sports, a year can go down to 7 kilograms.

Eliminating free radicals

The second benefit of green tea is to counteract free radicals and this is the secret of Japanese women who are still beautiful even though they are not young anymore. This secret can be obtained because green tea contains polyphenols or high antioxidants which play an important role in counteracting free radicals, thus delaying aging and making it more youthful.

Prevent heart disease

The third benefit of green tea is preventing heart attacks and strokes that most people fear. The role of green tea here lowers bad cholesterol without lowering good cholesterol. In addition, the greatness of this tea is to reduce the number of deaths from heart attacks by increasing cell recovery in the heart.

Prevent skin cancer

The fourth benefit of green tea is preventing skin cancer. Pollution of dirty air in the area there will cause wrinkles, wrinkles and even cancer on the skin. To prevent this, green tea plays an important role in eliminating pollution which then becomes free radicals that have the potential to cause skin cancer.

Strengthens bones

The fifth benefit of green tea is to strengthen bones as a whole so as to avoid joint disease. This tea is believed to increase bone density because there are high fluoride compounds. So, this can be said as an alternative to prevent osteoporosis.

Prevent obesity

The 6th benefit of green tea is to reduce obesity in the body. These ocha drinks inhibit the performance of glucose in fat cells. If you go on a diet program with green tea and combined with exercise every day, the weight loss program will run optimally.

Prevent diabetes

The last benefit of green tea is to avoid the risk of diabetes. This one disease is one that is experienced by most people. Now diabetes comes not only from hereditary but also from an unhealthy lifestyle. This tea can be an herbal drink to prevent diabetes. Regular consumption of green tea can stabilize glucose in the blood so as to prevent the occurrence of diabetes.