Between Acne and Skin Oil

Between Acne and Skin Oil

Acne is a term that is used to describe blemishes on the skin and although it is popularly known for appearing on the face, it could also appear on the shoulder, back and other parts of the body. This skin blemish is also known by other names which are pimples and blackheads and it is usually divided into two categories which are mild and severe.

When it is mild, we are looking at just a few pimples on the face etc., and when it is severe, we are not only dealing with an increase in the numbers of red spots, but we are also talking about them being larger in size and in some cases they are painful.

On the other hand, our bodies produce its own skin oil and this is called Sebum. This oil helps to keep the body healthy and well moist and this is one of the key components in the forming of acne.


The connection between this skin blemish and Sebum is that sometimes our bodies may produce too much oil at one time and when this occurs, with the help of dead cells on the body, they block or clog the pores on our skin. Now that the pores are clogged, if bacteria manage to make its way into it, it will cause the skin to rise and thereby resulting in boils etc.

Our hormones have a lot to do with the excess production of Sebum and teenagers are in a period of their lives in which their hormones may cause the increase in oil production to occur. However, this does not end after teenage hood, no, in fact whenever there is an increase in hormone activities, the possibility of acne occurring increases and this could be seen during a female’s monthly cycle.

How to Handle It

In most cases, that is, when this blemish is mild, there is not much that is necessary in the way of treatment. All that may be needed is a gently soap, water and a cream such as Benzac and in some cases, keeping the hair on our heads away from our faces, shoulders etc. and before we know it, they are gone.

On the other hand though, in severe cases, it may require a prescription from a Dermatologist, because they may even leave scars on the body.

Keep It at Bay

Although there is not much that can be done in the way of preventing acne from occurring, there are things that could be done to help in the reduction of it and two of these things are as follows.

Most often than not, from the time we were little children, we would have heard our parents telling us to always wash our hand before we eat and that we should not touch our skin, especially our faces with dirty hands and this advice is still very vital.

We should wash our hands with a gentle soap and water, as often as possible and after doing an activity that would have caused us to sweat excessively, taking a bath as quickly as possible is also advisable.