Herbal Remedies for Acne

This page is dedicated to herbal remedies for acne, lets stop the suffering. If you have never struggled with acne before, you are indeed one of the few and fortunate ones. Most of us have our first encounter with pesky pimples when we enter puberty.

During this time, when our hormones start with their temporal acrobatics, acne usually becomes a problem and may well stay a constant companion for the next ten to fifteen years – unless of course you plan to do something about it!

The medicine market is overflowing with acne related products, some of them work, some don’t, and some have not-so-nice side-effects. Personally, I wished I knew then (during puberty) what I know now regarding natural alternatives – I’m assuming that most teenagers are not looking for herbal remedies for acne since, at that age, you just want to fix your faceā€¦ and do it fast!

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple nor easy, for most of us are oblivious about the causes of acne in the first place.

Possible Causes of Acne

Most scientists, doctors and herbalists agrees that the main reasons for acne is either deficient hygiene, hormone imbalances, or an overload of toxins. Usually it’s a combination of all three.

The Hygiene part is pretty straightforward to take care of yourself, though it may require extra time in front of the mirror: Keep your face clean so that pores and hair follicles are not clogged up by excess skin, which can also block oil-flow secreted from your glands. Don’t use normal soap as it can remove protective oils from your skin and upset the acid-alkaline balance. Clean your face with plain water, a Burdock or Goldenseal compress or a mild face wash.

Hormone imbalances usually start during adolescence, but can also be triggered during pregnancy or as a side effect with certain drugs. In theory, your liver is supposed to deal with all excess hormones. However, often due to unbalanced or unhealthy diets, where we don’t take sufficient nutrients on a regular basis, our liver might not function as well as it could and these hormones have then to be dealt with in a different manner.

Hormones are basically microscopic little messengers that your body uses to send messages betwee organs and cells, instructing them what to do. The specific hormones that communicate with your skin’s oil glands are called Androgens. Well, during puberty, these Androgens often mix up messages to your skin, causing it to create excess sebum.

But oily skin is only half the problem, and when you start to mix this with blood toxins, you’ve got a bad combination that’s a good place for acne bacteria to fester and cause redness, swelling and clogged pores.

Specific Herbal Remedies for Acne

  1. Dandelion – Dandelion helps your liver with clearing excess water and waste from your body. This detoxifying effect may reduce the likelihood of acne.
  2. Burdock – Burdock fights skin infections and has a simultaneous healing and cleansing effect on your body.
  3. Goldenseal – As mentioned earlier, a Goldenseal compress is the ideal face wash for cleaning your skin, since it has anti-bacterial properties. Goldenseal tea or tincture will also aid your liver in eliminating toxins.
  4. Red Clover – This Herb is a diuretic, which means it enhances your body’s ability to eliminate wastes.