Health Benefits of Salt Therapy

Salt therapy was found in the mid eighteenth century by Polish wellbeing official named Felix Botchkowski. salt therapy was initially found as Speleotherapy or cavern treatment, ‘Spelenos’ being the Greek expression for ‘cavern’. Felix Botchkowski found that salt diggers in Poland had not experienced lung-related sicknesses, for example, asthma, pneumonia, or incessant bronchitis. Indeed, even … Read moreHealth Benefits of Salt Therapy

3 Types of Foods to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure

If you are trying to lower your high blood pressure naturally, you should include these 3 foods in your daily diet. The 3 types of foods that I will be discussing are bananas, tomato juice and spinach. These products possess antioxidants that are very beneficial to your health. Once your finish reading this report, you … Read more3 Types of Foods to Naturally Lower Blood Pressure